Aims and Objectives of the Institute of Innovation and Qualification

The Institute of Innovation and Qualification was established in 2014 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University under the name "Development and Innovation of Education" to improve the knowledge level of the academic teaching staff and to adapt to innovations.

In 2018, the Institute was renamed to the Institute of Innovation and Qualification, which, in addition to the above tasks, aims to improve the skills of teaching staff through cooperation with national and international educational institutions. The Institute currently focuses on 9 programs:

  • Pedagogy (License №ЛЕ 170000978);

  • Professional development of English teachers: skills of the 21st century (License    №LE 170000978);

  • Management (License №ЛЕ 170000978);

  • Economics: Financial Literacy (License №LE 170000978);

  • Psychology (License № E2019-0088);

  • Journalism (License № E2019-0088);

  • Law (License № E2019-0088);

  • Computer literacy (License № E2019-0088);

  • Programming (License № E2019-0088);

Key activities of the Institute:

  • Professional development of University teaching staff, in view of innovations, to constantly familiarize them with modern teaching methods;

  • Due to the fact that the faculty of our University consists of both local and foreign instructors, the institute organizes regular refresher courses to familiarize them with the legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic and its innovations in education;

  • University staff development through international projects;

  • Improving the knowledge level of young instructors;

  • Professional development of pedagogical and managerial personnel of the state educational institutions;

  • Organization of advanced training courses in pedagogy and psychology, innovative technologies, sociology, economics, and management for the general pedagogical and professional staff of high schools, and if required, retraining specialists;

  • The right to familiarize educational institutions located in the country with innovative pedagogical technologies; to conduct short-term and long-term courses, training, and seminars necessary for employees of international companies and firms.