E-learning projects

Recordings of video tutorials for Moodle e-courses have begun

For Moodle e-courses, Ala-Too International University has started recording video courses. The project is working in the following areas:

  1. The basis of “Moodle” 
  2. The “Moodle” structure
  3. Creating a course
  4. Filling with materials
  5. Opening access for users
  6. Elements and resources
  7. Uploading questions
  8. Glossary
  9. Tests
  10. Bank of questions
  11. Import and export of questions
  12. Interactive content
  13. Seminars
  14. Questionnaires
  15. Chat
  16. Video conferences
  17. Attending classes
  18. External tool
  19. Restrict access




Recording of video tutorials for Moodle e-courses has been completed

Participants of the HiEdTec project of the Ala-Too International University have completed work on recording video courses for Moodle e-courses. The project participants held a meeting at the end of the academic year and presented a report.

The course is intended to be applied to the teaching staff of the MUA and is aimed at improving the quality of education.